Business Plans

There are several reasons to create a business plan, including:

  • establishing a company

  • asking for credit from a bank

  • a new partner enters into the company

It is not necessary however the existance of an external pressure to create one. It is an elementary interest for every company to be aware of the financial impacts of its business strategy, including the effect on the financial reports and the possible needs of fresh capital. Whatever the reason is however, the aim is the same in each case: estimation of the future cash flows and creation of a credible forecast about the profit and loss statement and the balance sheet in the upcoming years.

In the process of creating the business plan, we take into account the existing portfolio of the contracts and the clients as well as the planned volume of sales. To support the planning process, we create an application, that takes into account the speciality of the business line in question. Using this tool makes it possible to compare the planned figures with the facts on a regular basis, and to analyse the reason of differences. In view of the facts the business plan can be revised.